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MOUNT YOUR APPLE TV EASILY (WITHOUT TOOLS OR WALL DAMAGE) Apple TV is a great product, but there is a problem: Where do you put your Apple TV? The cords often aren┬┤t long enough to reach your entertainment center, and even if they were, routing wires through the wall to hide the wires is a major hassle and leaving wires exposed looks sloppy. TotalMount solves this problem by attaching the Apple TV to the back of your TV in minutes without tools. FAQ - Does the Apple remote work with the Apple TV located behind the television? Answer - Yes, the remote works normally. The infrared (IR) emitted from the remote bounces off the wall behind the television and then hits the Apple TV┬┤s sensor. As a result, placing the Apple TV behind the television is actually a great way to collect the infrared emitted by the remote. It is a little like using a huge baseball glove to catch a baseball. (The side of the Apple TV that connects to the power cord must face the floor. This way, the infrared sensor will be oriented upwards to receive your remote┬┤s signal.)

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